Emergency Dental Care



Dental Fillings are one of the most common and effective procedures to repair and preserve your teeth. In general, a dental filling is meant to repair a tooth that has suffered damage due to common decay, a fracture or just the normal wear on your teeth over time. If this damage is not repaired promptly, it can result in further detail deterioration that can require more serious and expensive treatments later on. The good news is that fillings last a long time, as much as a decade or longer, depending on what type of filling you have and the material used.

Signs of Tooth Decay

The most common symptom of tooth decay is physical discomfort. Another symptom may be an impaired ability to bite and chew. Tooth pain can have a number of causes, so only your Roseville Dentist can properly determine the exact cause. However, one thing you can be sure of is that if nothing is done your level of pain and discomfort will only get worse!

How is a Filling Prescribed?

Your Roseville Dentist will examine your tooth to determine the cause of the damage and whether or not a filling is the best treatment to relieve pain and restore tooth functionality. Modern dental technology plus years of experience should enable your Roseville Dentist to make the diagnosis fairly quickly. Once your Roseville Dentist has done a full examination of your teeth, as well as related features of your mouth like your gums and jaw structure, the Roseville Dentist will have a discussion with you to tell you his findings and outline for you the treatment options, which may well include a dental filling. Now would be a good time to ask the Dentist any questions you may have.

What To Expect

If you agree that a filling is the best treatment option for you, the actual procedure is not complicated. First the Dentist will apply a pain-killing anesthetic to the area of your mouth being treated. Then the tooth will be cleaned of the decay and bacteria and a “dental dam” applied to keep the tooth clean and free of saliva. The filling material will then be applied and made to look natural. And don’t worry, the days of painful teeth treatments are a thing of the past, as today’s technology and techniques can do wonders to make your dental experience as stress-free as possible.

So if tooth decay and its resulting discomforts are of concern to you, don’t hesitate to call your Roseville Dentist for an examination today. If the diagnoses calls for a dental filling, this relatively painless, long lasting treatment can be just what you need to preserve your dental health and keep your smile looking its best.


If you have any questions about fillings, please contact your Roseville dentist today!