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You only get one set of teeth, and when they are lost due to genetics, injury, surgery or disease another set will not grow in. When too many teeth are lost, for whatever reason, one solution is to get a set of dentures. Otherwise known as false teeth, they are custom made for your mouth.


  • Dentures offer many benefits. Full dentures are used to replace all of your teeth while partial dentures are used to replace only some of the teeth. They both help support your facial muscles and lips for a natural and healthy look. Speech will be improved and you will be able to enjoy most foods.


Dentures require some basic maintenance to keep them in good condition. They should be cleaned regularly and kept in a denture solution when they are not being worn. Over time, they may require adjustments. This is normal and it is important that you do not try to make the adjustments yourself. Take your dentures to your Roseville dentist to have them adjusted or repaired as needed. Taking care of them can allow them to last up to ten years. You can expect to need a new pair of dentures after this time.


There are two types of dentures that will be used, immediate and conventional.


  • Immediate dentures are required when the teeth that still remain are pulled. This allows the patient to have some teeth to wear while the gums return to normal after the teeth were pulled and while the dentures are being made. They may be used for several months and will not be an exact fit.
  • Conventional dentures are the fully fabricated, custom made set that will be used on a permanent basis. They can replace all the teeth throughout the mouth or they can be fitted over existing teeth for when there are only a few missing.

What to Expect

The process starts with a thorough exam of the teeth, the gums and the bone structure below. There are usually several different options that may be available to you, and the Roseville dentist will discuss all of them. Several factors will influence your decision, including price and longevity. While dentures are not the most permanent solution to dental problems, they are one of the most affordable ones.

You can expect some oral surgery when choosing dentures. Teeth may have to be pulled and it is possible that the bony ridge along your gum line will have to be altered so the dentures will be stable. While less invasive than implants, there may still be some discomfort involved with dentures.

A material similar to putty will be used to make an impression of the arch of your mouth and gums. The dentures will be crafted based on this mold. The Roseville dentist can alter tooth color and shape to suit your desires and will alter the fit until it is comfortable for you.

Annual examinations will be necessary even with dentures. It is important to check the oral tissue to be sure it is still healthy and can continue supporting the dentures. Any inflammation must be addressed quickly to prevent damage to the bone and tissues.

Whenever possible, you do want to keep your natural teeth. There is sometimes a tendency to believe that dentures will be easier somehow, or there may just be frustration with teeth that are soft and are prone to breaking. However, it’s almost always better to keep the natural teeth as long as possible. Talk openly and honestly with your Roseville dentist and be willing to ask questions. Education about all the issues involved can help you make the best possible decision. If you have any questions about dentures, contact your Roseville dentist today.