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Why Are 4 Billion People Ignoring Their Cavities?


Going to the dentist is something that many dread. It does not matter that there are new techniques that make the experience more comfortable, some avoid the dentist at all costs. The problem is that many people are walking around with cavities in their mouth that are not being taken care of. Cavities are caused by bacteria, and the bacteria is the start of a serious infection. The infection can spread throughout the body and cause major issues, such as sepsis. So why are so many ignoring their aching teeth?

Living With The Pain

In 2013, the Institute of Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London, did a study to find out exactly how many people are walking around with decayed teeth. What they found was uncanny. There are almost 4 billion people in the world who have cavities that are untreated. These rotten teeth are keeping them up at night and causing them great discomfort when they try to eat. Yet, many still avoid the trip to the dentist. The population’s oral health is in serious trouble.

Cavities are not the only problems found in the study. Those who are not concerned about their oral health often have other issues that plague their mouth. They can have severe tooth loss or severe gum disease to contend with too. The thing that makes most people break down their resistance and head to the dentist is when it hits a front tooth. As long as it is in the back where no one can see, many continue to avoid the problem.

Why So Many Leave Oral Health To Time and Chance

Many avoid the dentist because they do not have dental insurance. Visiting the dentist is not like the doctor, each procedure must be paid for upfront when no insurance is available. Additionally, many are afraid of drills, being put to sleep, or needles in the mouth. In many cases, an individual just keeps putting off the inevitable. When they finally show up at a dentist’s office, they expect miracles. Once a tooth has broken off and the decay has gone into the root, it becomes fractured and cannot be saved. This is when the costs really mount. A typical filling is rather inexpensive compared to a dental implant. If there is more than one missing tooth, bridges or dentures may be considered.

The earlier a cavity is caught, the better the chances are to save the tooth. With so many people skirting their oral health issues, something must be done.