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Could You Have Bad Breath and not Know It?


Halitosis is an unfortunate condition that affects many people in the world. Unfortunately, many halitosis suffers go through periods of having bad breath before someone shares the news with them. The Bad Breath Institute claims that about 45 percent of the people in the world have had the condition at some time in their lives. The same institute claims that 80 million Americans suffer from the condition. It is quite possible for a person to have bad breath and not have a clue that the condition is evident.

How People Miss Bad Breath

The reason that halitosis goes undetected for so long is that people’s receptors switch off. The olfactory bulb’s receptors tend to shut down when they receive a common smell for long periods. The laymen’s-terms translation is that people cannot smell their own bad breath because their system is used it. Other people feel the punch of their bad breath like it is the sharp uppercut of a boxing champion.

Things That Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath comes from a number of sources. First, foods such as onions and garlic cause a pungent smell in the mouth, but it does not last very long. Sickness and dry mouth can cause halitosis, as well. Underlying health problems such as diabetes can cause a person to have an unfavorable breath smell. Additionally, decayed teeth, plaque and dental diseases can cause halitosis.

Preventing Halitosis

Staying hydrated is one way that a person can prevent halitosis. Another way that a person can avoid the dreadful condition is by flossing and brushing the teeth thoroughly each day. Specialists recommend that a person floss more than once a day, as well. Thirdly, the person should keep regular visits to the dentist. A person should see the dentist for a teeth cleaning and a checkup at least twice per year. Some people visit the dentist more frequently than that.

Getting Help for Tooth-Related Halitosis

Decay and disease may happen to the teeth even when a person takes care of them. In such cases, the person should seek treatment for the diseased teeth as quickly as possible. Some options that a dentist may offer for a diseased or decayed tooth are fillings, medicated fillings, root canal or extraction. Heeding the dentist’s warnings can keep the person healthy in the physical body and inside the mouth.