Emergency Dental Care

Can My Broken Dentures Be Repaired?


A broken denture may be a painful and embarrassing experience. Although websites claim that repair kits may fix your problem, a visit from an emergency dentist is the best way to handle broken dentures. Although dentures are made to be durable and withstand repetitive use, they will crack or fall out eventually. Dentures can wear out overtime. Overheating dentures by placing them in hot water may warp the shape, making them usable or more vulnerable to breaks. Despite your particular situation, there are a few different options for dealing with broken dentures. 

Embarrassment DenturesTemporary replacements called “embarrassment dentures” are one way to deal with a dental emergency. An embarrassment denture is like a placeholder you can use until your dentist fixes the broken one. However, embarrassment dentures are not just for emergency situations. A dentist may recommend one of these if you have planned denture maintenance, such as necessary adjustments to accommodate a changing jaw shape. Embarrassment dentures are less expensive, though less durable, than regular dentures.

Denture Kit

A denture repair kit found online or at a local store may promise to work just as well as a repair job by a professional dentist, but although the kits may include the ingredients needed to adhere a denture back in place they do not have the specific tools you need. An experienced dental technician has the correct equipment and materials, such as resin and monomer, that hold dentures in place. The adhesives in repair kits may work, but they may also irritate your gums. You also risk dentures falling out and becoming lost due to an incorrect replacement procedure or weak adhesives.

Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is your best option for repair. An emergency dentist can fix and replace dentures safely and professionally. If you have a pre-made back-up or copy denture, an emergency dentist can replace your broken denture immediately and then fix the broken one for future use. These copy dentures are smart investments because of the likelihood of breaking a denture or tooth. They can replace lost dentures as well and generally are less costly than the original.


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